Like many other parts of your vehicle, batteries are subject to wear and tear and should be checked regularly.

The battery is the life blood of your vehicle and needs to be kept in tip top condition.

BatteriesOften they can be subjected to very short journeys with unsufficient time to recharge and many batteries cannot sustain this type of usage – they can shorten the life of your car battery.

Watch out for warning signs that your battery may be on the way out – such as the engine turns over slowly or any warning lights that come on. Generally a battery that is over three years old should be checked more regularly. Of course driving habits and can dramatically affect the life of your car battery.

Being stranded with a dead battery is everyone’s nightmare and with the winter weather upon us, it is important to ensure the battery you have on your vehicle is the correct type and for the type of usage.

Bedford Wheels are fully conversant with Stop/Start vehicles and their Technology and we use specialist equipment to test battery and charging systems.We stock and fit the very latest technology type batteries for today’s applications recognising that the battery is the important life blood of the vehicle.